Fashion Rio - Acquastudio FW 2010

Acquastudio FW 2010Acquastudio FW 2010
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I must admit that I did not know much about Brazilian fashion until recently, but those are my first steps in self-education. :)

Rio de Janeiro fashion week happened earlier this month, and I finally went over the collections. I love the fact that with just a few clicks I have the whole season in front of me. Although I do not speak the language, I managed to navigate the extensive Portuguese fashion site to find pictures and video of the Rio FW 2010 collections. I enjoyed the shows very much, and I learned a few words in Portuguese too. "Desfiles" means "Shows"! "Temporada" means "Season"! "Inverno 2010" means "Winter 2010"!

This illustration is of two looks by Acquastudio FW 2010. This label really stood out. I was amazed by the creativity and imagination of the brand designer, Esther Bauman. The gowns and cocktail dresses have wonderfully creative silhouettes - each dress is unique and complex. But despite the avant-garde construction, the dresses look easy, fresh and almost-wearable :). I love the romantic and soft feel of those dresses. Another thing that I love about this collection is that the clothes look fantastic on the runway and move beautifully with the models. Check them out in video here.

I chose to illustrate a soft pink bubble dress with black string detail, and the black asymmetrical sculpted dress with glistening lines.

My Brazilian readers, please help me with my discovery: What are your favorite fashion designers in Brazil?


  1. Wow, I love this collection!
    The pink dress is divine and your drawings are beautiful as always.
    Thanks for sharing the link- looks like there's been some great shows in Rio! xxxx

  2. ohhhhh! The pink dress maybe the thing I need to cover my winter-sized bum..

    beautiful genya!

  3. Sarah: It is great that you like the collection as much as I do.

    Nomadette: haha @ 'winter-sized bum'. Thank you!!

  4. That's gorgeous! love the patterns on the first pink/black dress...

  5. I can´t believe you draw these things from Fashion Rio! That´s so beautiful!! thanks honey! kisses

  6. Thanks to have discover me this stylist and her collection. I love the first one look (pink dress multi roses). Maybe i'll edit a post on it.

  7. hi! I am brazilian! haha loved ur post about rio de janeiro fashion week. I just love Gloria Kalil and Alexandre Herchcovitch 2 amazing brazilian fashion designers :D xoxo


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