Illustration for Help - Haiti Earthquake

Thakoon Pre-Fall 2010
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My Dear Friends,

I was so touched and heartbroken by the images of the Haiti Earthquake on the news. I wanted to extend my thought to the Haitian people and their worried family and friends in Canada and around the world.

I have just made a donation to the Salvation Army to assist with the immediate rescues operations.

I encourage all of my Stylish Goose readers to donate to your local authorized support organization. For a Canadian list, please see here.

As a great Thank You for your Help, anyone who donates at least $50 CAD (or equivalent in your currency), will receive a specially made illustration which I will prepare in the next few days (you know it will be a fantastic one!), printed on quality 8x10 paper, matted and signed by me. Please email me at help@stylishgoose.com with a proof of donation (email confirmation of donation) and your mailing address by Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 24:00 Eastern Standard Time. I will be sending your special illustration shortly after.

I Thank You All!



PS. This is the illustration I did for Thakoon Pre-Fall 2010 collection. I love the neutral champagne colours and the innovative folds of this look.


  1. that's wonderful Genya.
    I've done one last year for the Australian Bushfire Relief fund, and was happy to see people donating and submitting their e-receipts for some digital prints.

  2. Nelly: thanks! I haven't had too many people take me up on the offer so far. But I know people are donating, which is really great.

    I will be posting my specially made illustration tomorrow morning. It is turning out nicely.

  3. That's an amazing effort Genya, I hope you get a good response from people!

  4. Really nice of you to do this...Look forward to getting the illustration!

  5. Anon: Great! Just send me your receipt to help@stylishgoose.com or genya@stylishgoose.com

  6. sooo pretty! you have such an amazing talent!!

  7. goldfacedbetty: Thanks for the compliment! I am happy stylish people enjoy my work... :)


Thanks a lot for your comments!