The Kaffiyeh and The Tutu - Givenchy SS 2010

Givenchy SS 2010Givenchy SS 2010
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The beautifully geometrical Givenchy SS 2010 collection got rave reviews from critics this season. I am not a critic, but I am in-love!

I am always drawn to prints and patterns, so of course my favorite designs in this collection are the original Arabic kaffiyeh prints - like the softly draped pantsuit on the left.

And I never realized that I can like a tutu as much as I like it here, on the right! It is not childish or overly girly, it is tough and edgy and sophisticated. Always innovative!


  1. Amylee: Thanks a lot! It means a lot when I hear it from a talented artist.

  2. Amylee: Sorry, I somehow managed to delete your lovely comment... need to pay attention when using blogger in the mornings!

    "I love the black dress and the tutu is pretty good realize. You're pencil touch is "always innovative". Sorry but my english is sometimes rusty and i hope that you understood me :)"

  3. The shapes are unbelivable... stractured yet soft at the same time. Beautiful!

  4. ps - I just noticed the little maple leaf at the corner of your header... cute :)

  5. This one is brilliant! I especially love the detail on these.
    Keep on drawing!

  6. Wow, I love those patterns in this collection and you nailed them!! Great job!

  7. Olivia: Thank you dear! The pattern took me a long time to draw. It is so unique and geometrical, i was trying to get it right. :)

    Blau von T: Thanks for the visit! and the comment!

    Steffi: Thank you so much. Your illustrations are wonderful and a compliment from you is so valuable.



  8. I admire you're dedication to detail with the pattern. It really paid off. The black dress looks great, it's my favorite so far.


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