Olympics in Style

Hbc Men's Canadian Olympic Team Turtleneck Sweater(inspired by) BABOOSHKA Long Feather Stretch Head BandMark Fast Tights with Hole Detail
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February 12 is approaching fast and we, Canadians, are getting more excited every day. To celebrate the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Fashion Magazine's February issue had a beautiful photoshoot featuring official Team Canada clothing from Hbc. See it here, courtesy of the gold.faced.betty fashion blog. My illustration was inspired by this photoshoot, and of course the Olympics.

My model is wearing Hbc Canadian Olympic Team turtleneck sweater - love the oversized men's style.

Did you notice the unusually cool hole-covered tights? They were also featured in this month's Fashion Magazine!! They are by Mark Fast, a young and talented Canadian designer, who shows at London fashion week. Coincidentally, those tights were in the Mark Fast swag bag for SS 2010 show and became amazingly popular with his guests!

The native style headband was inspired by this standout long feather head piece from BabooshkaBoutique, sold on Etsy. What a deal!

So what is my Olympic fashion item?? I am a proud owner of the Canada Olympic pompom hat (the non toddler version ;)) thanks to my dear friend Ada!


  1. Completely amazing. I am obsessed with everything Olympics right now and cannot wait until February!


  2. love love love it! i wish i could draw like this! and i also wish I had those feathers in my hair now.


  3. I don't have a clothing item per say, but I did get a SUMI mascot from my sister, it's so cute! :)

  4. Woaaah your blog is amazing. I love your illustrations !

  5. Maddy and Kayla: Thank you goldfacedbetty girls for the support. :)

    Dejana: haha the sumi mascot is adorable. i am sure it will be a valuable collectible soon. Like the red Olympic gloves.

    Amylee: I am so honored to know that you like my illustrations. I LOVE your art!! Really original and in vogue. Will be reading more of you for sure!

  6. Glad you like it Genya! And if you'll excuse me, I have to go now to buy an oversize Olympic turtleneck! I'll blame you when my VISA bill comes in :)

  7. Now that outift would make for an amazing choice for the female atheletes to wear for the 2010 Olympic opening ceremonies in Vancouver. ;)

  8. Kimberly: haha I did not think about it, but you are totally right! Although the holes in the tights might be a bit cold... :)

  9. Yes, the holes in the tights would have the Canadian female atheletes half way to point of hypothermia. However, it would make for an interesting news story and attract a lot of attention.


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