Artist Inspiration - Amylee Paris

Harlequin Feltworks Snow Rose ScarfSequin Wave Enamel BanglesSequin Wave Enamel BangleT-shirt with Amylee Paris printFendi leather zipper-pocket shortsL.A.M.B. Black Lace Verdu PlatformsL.A.M.B. Black Lace Verdu PlatformsLola Rose Black Agate EarringsLola Rose Black Agate Earrings
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Today's post was inspired by a wonderful artist Amylee. Her creations are full sized painted collages influenced by fashion, textile and prints. Amylee's love of colour and pattern is conveyed in her stylish and unique retro looking paintings. I am very lucky to be featured on her STAR Blog roll, and was inspired to illustrate a look that features her art. Visit her blog and let her art brighten your day!

The model is wearing a simple oversized T-shirt, with an amazing Amylee Paris 'Julia' print. She pairs it with very daring orange leather shorts from Fendi. The black lace platforms are curtsy of L.A.M.B.

Her beautiful white rose scarf from Harlequin Feltworks was created by a talented San Francisco-based artist Jenne Giles. Those whimsical and unique scarves are available in various rose shades on harlequinfeltworks Etsy store.

The look cannot be complete without jewelry! Those colourful geometric enamel bangles from Sequin go so well with Amylee's painting. Sequin is a New York based private jewelry brand established by sisters Kim and Linda Renk.

The Black Agate earrings are from Lola Rosa, designed by London born Nicola Gewirtz. They are so brilliant!


  1. Whoaaah, it's wonderful, thank you so much. I'm very glad to see this post !!!!

  2. Sorry for my bad English
    I've you discover on Amylee blog
    I love your figurines, your style to draw!
    It's very beautiful!

  3. Your illustrations are continuing to impress - this one is beautiful as always!! <3

  4. I love your designs and I really want that outfit. Where can I order it? Keep up the great work! You and your sister really need to do your own fashion show soon!!

  5. Thanks Everyone for the nice comments!!

    Amylee: I was happy to do it. It was fun to re-interpret your work.

    Elfine: Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.

    Annching: Thanks dear!

    Meus: haha It is great that you like! But i did not design this. If you click on the items in my illustrations, you will see the original pieces!




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