Dark Star - Streetstyle from Wayne Tippetts

Malikah from Wayne Tippetts photography
Mouseover image parts to see style details.

Wayne Tippetts, my favorite London street style photographer, found himself a dark muse. This is Malikah. She has an iconic style that is confident, mysterious and alluring. I love her hair and makeup, it looks like she just stepped out of a silent-movie set. Her luxurious look has an equally luxurious inspiration - the legendary Marchesa Luisa Casati, patron of the arts and fashion.


  1. Stunning illustration! I love the contrast of the beautiful flowing skirt against the heavy coat and accessories. And the face and hair are spectacular.

  2. HA! I wished it, and it happened.
    Love the lace original, LOVE LOVE LOVE the illustration.
    bravo !

  3. fantastic blog, you have such an individual style!

  4. Anna: Wha! You really like it!! :) I realized that I like drawing streetstyle a lot. They turn out nicer then my runway drawings, i find.

    Nomadette: You wished right! :) I was pretty impressed. We think alike.

    Pippa: coming from you, this is amazing. I follow your blog and enjoy it so much. Please post more often!!

  5. I'm first time on ur blog. And it was love at firs sight. Love ur pictures, u've got a talent.

  6. Igulinka: Welcome to my blog! So happy you loved it. Please come back and see more. :)


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