Erdem Love

Erdem Erdem Erdem. How I love this talented designer. If I could meet and chat with only one designer, that would be him. His colourful floral prints and rich layered lace dresses are his signatures. Every dress is a craving, but completely own-able.

My illustration is of one of the beautifully embroidered and screen-printed pansy looks from his latest Spring Summer 2010 collection. I had a really hard time picking which look to illustrate, but finally settled on this one, with a promise to myself of drawing some more of him later. I love the relaxed look of the boat neck and the easy fit of the T-shirt-like top. I also like that the look consists of separates, makes life interesting :). Oh, and the matching print shoes are just adorable.

I am posting this with a lot of national pride, as Erdem was born and raised in Montreal, Canada!

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  1. Beatiful take on one of my fav SS 2010 collections! Hype! Can't wait to see more.


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