Some loony banana pants for you? Yes, please!

From the Jaeger London RTW SS 2010 collection. A cute silky top and some wide pants with metallic print applique. See it on style.com.

Tim Blanks described those awesome pants as "some of the strangest pants of the season: loony, flaring banana pants and dhotis that were somehow hobbled round the hem."

Despite this (or maybe even BECAUSE of this), I am a fan!!!


  1. Great illustration! Love the color and hope to see more to come!

  2. This is one of the best I've ever seen. Will definitely buy and wear it!

  3. Cool. Whenever you do, send me a pic so and I will illustrate ;)... Genya

  4. Thanks for your kinds words in my blog!

    nice and cool blog!
    your illustartions are really nice and with personality!


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