Phillip Lim's Sun-Bleached Beauty

The November 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar explains why Resort collections are the hidden treasure of fashion:

- Resort is not over-exposed and over-advertised, making clothes long-lasting and less trendy (this is a good thing!!).

- Resort designs feature good balance of innovation and practicality, resulting in versatile and unique pieces that can be worn all year round.

- Resort price points are more wallet friendly. This is always a bonus.

I have illustrated one of Phillip Lim's beautiful Resort 2010 looks. See it here. I love the combination of a plain gray fisherman-type sweater and a delicate sun-bleached floral skirt. It makes for one effortless but stylish look, that is as relaxed as Resort can be. I love the chunky brown pirate belt that holds the pleated skirt together. This is a nice, easy look to put together by yourself.

Added to the illustrated look is a lovely clutch. It is the Kira in gray by Ananas - a sweet, well-made leather clutch with wooden clasp and detachable strap. I love the simple design with a retro feel. It is already on my wish list...


  1. hola que tal pues nada mas estaba pasando a checar bolgs y me encontre con el tuyo estan muy buenas tus ilustraciones felizidades que te la pases bien

  2. Gracias mucho Eduardo. No hablo español sino que utilicé el babelfish para traducir su nota. Soy feliz que usted tardó la época de escribir y está alegre que usted tuvo gusto de mis ilustraciones. :)


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