Spotlight on Josh Goot

I was reading my favorite fashion blogs, looking for some inspiration for the next illustration. Then I saw this picture of an Australian Harper's Bazaar fashion editor, taken by Vanessa Jackman. She was wearing a really lovely Josh Goot dress, that made me want to re-visit his fall collection and take a second look. I did not find this exact dress in the runway shots, most likely because the retail version can turn out slightly different then the samples. So I chose to illustrate another dress. See it here. Isn't this a gorgeous dress? It has some nice gathering details all over that make it look like it is made of many ribbons.

Josh Goot is an up and coming Australian designer, who shows his collections at the London Fashion week. This look is from his Fall 2009 collection. The collection was inspired by rock formations and is minimalistic, chiseled and marble coloured. My favorites are the last looks in the collection - they have a really nice pattern and I like the soft shades of colour.


  1. What a beautiful print... I totaly heart this

  2. The goose is a nice addition as well!

  3. Genya, you are so talented! Congrats love Stylish Goose! Great dress!
    Inspiration can come from many places; with imagination and the right tools, great creations are born.

  4. Thanks so much Andree. Hope to do much more in the days to come... love, Genya

  5. Thanks for the comments! :) The print IS really great... and how can it be Stylish Goose without the goose ;)


Thanks a lot for your comments!