Stylish Goose's Choise for Birmingham's Most Stylish Woman

Look at this sophisticated girl! A really neat look from Lauren of Birmingham. This look, by the way, is my sister Anna's favourite look from Grazia Street Hunter Awards. It is so put-together and elegant, with some really amazing use of colour! I love that she pairs a printed t-shirt with an office pencil skirt, making this look traditional-with-a-twist.

Check out all the Birmingham ladies here. Which one is your favourite?

Cardiff is next! It will be posted later then I planned, but I have a good reason :). I am having a special birthday dinner with my bf's mom for her b-day (Happy Belated Birthday Andree!!)... However, the wait will be worth it as it happens to be my personal favourite look in the Street Hunter Awards.


  1. I aggree with Anna! She looks so cool and comfortable! I love it!

  2. this look is so effortless
    and i love her hair and make up so much


  3. Yes, I absolutely love this look! So effortlessly stylish. And your illustration of it is beautiful

  4. Ada & Anna: Thank you Girls! Yes, Anna has the best style of everyone I know. :)

    Sapphire: Thanks for visiting and commenting! I love her hair and makeup too. It is a classic with a twist, just like her outfit...


Thanks a lot for your comments!