Stylish Goose's Choise for Cardiff's Most Stylish Woman

This girl is Sally from Cardiff. I totally adore her playful style. She is not afraid to mix and match and her love of colour is obvious. I like how she managed to flawlessly combine the floral jacket with the purple tights. She has a relaxed, flirty look that is also soft and feminine. Real pretty! And my favorite look!!

Go here to see all the Cardiff ladies participating in the Grazia Street Hunter Awards.

Till tomorrow, when Stylish Goose illustrates one of the Bristol girls.


  1. Hi Genya,
    Another great pic- i loved this style as well especially the floral blazer!
    As for your comment, I love the stockings too- big Vivienne Westwood fan here!
    And no i don't subscribe to the russian editorials but i probably should if i could get hold of them- loving those russians at the mo!!
    Sarah xx

  2. Sarah: thanks! Although I do not have any floral pieces in my closet, I am a big floral fan!! this blazer is awesome.

  3. Would never have thought to put these items together but it works perfectly on her. Major style


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