Stylish Goose's Choise for Edinburgh's Most Stylish Woman

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am illustrating my choice for the Grazia Style Hunter Awards, one city at a time! Starting with Edinburgh, see all the lovely ladies here.

This illustration is of Genia. She is just glowing! Genia got my vote because I adore her relaxed, put-a-smile-on-your-face, vintage style. The detailed multi-coloured print on her dress is fantastic and she truly looks stylish and comfortable. The dusty-blue bag and the delicate flats are really great understated accessories that refine her look. And a bonus point goes for our shared name ;).

What about you? Who would you choose as Edinburgh's most stylish woman?

Come back tomorrow and see what Stylish Goose chooses for Glasgow!


  1. I love this Genya, the print of the dress turned out so beautiful in your illustration. Can't wait to see more of your illustrations from the Style Hunt!

  2. Anna: Yes, the print is what made me want to draw this dress in the first place. It is so detailed and different - you can only find this in vintage! :)

    The Style Hunt illustrations are a busy challenge for me, but I am having fun doing it. Thanks for watching!

  3. OMG! I just googled my name and saw this amazing illustration of myself!!! THANK YOU!!!

  4. that girl is the sun

  5. Genia: Thanks for letting me know that you saw it and that you liked it! It is so awesome to hear back from the girls i illustrate :).


Thanks a lot for your comments!