Stylish Goose's Choise for Glasgow's Most Stylish Woman

Following the illustration of my Edinburgh choice for the Grazia Style Hunter Awards, here is the illustration for my favorite look from the Glasgow batch. You can see all the contenders here.

I drew the pretty Nicola in her flirty pink skirt. I like the contrast between the overly girly, short skirt and the loose boyfriend denim shirt. The slouchy look is stylish, but still casual and effortless. Look at her bright bracelets - they add an additional pop of colour to tie in with the skirt.

Would you agree with my choice? All of the Glasgow girls are looking good, so it was a hard one.

Moving on to Leeds tomorrow!


  1. What a lovely blog! Your illustrations are wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting - hope to hear from you again! (& if you want to illustrate any of my photos, just let me know & I'll link the post!)


  2. Jill: I was so glad to read your comment. Thanks! I will be so happy to illustrate your great photos. I will let you know when I choose one.. :)

  3. Hi Im nicola the girl in the photo! your illustration has made me so happy!thankyou so much! you are a brilliant illustrator, good luck!XxXX

  4. Nicola: wow! I am so excited that you saw my illustration and liked it! Thanks for letting me know... Genya

  5. I love this outfit!
    Olivia at www.pretty-polaroid.blogspot.com


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