Stylish Goose's Choise for Leeds' Most Stylish Woman

This classic girl is Sarah. She was photographed on the streets of Leeds, UK by the Grazia Style Hunter Awards team. Here are the other pretty Leeds girls that are taking part in the awards.

I decided to vote for Sarah because she is dressed for success! She looks like such a go-getter and has a neat, put-together style. This PhD student is dressed really smart in a striped short nautical dress and a fitted blazer with rolled sleeves. I love her polished patent shoes and the naval badge on her dress adds some playfulness to this straight look.

What do you think about this preppy look?

I am excited for Manchester tomorrow. Come back and see what Stylish Goose votes on!

Follow-up Note: After posting this illustration, I was contacted by the lovely Sarah herself! She also has a very fashionable blog called mocha-soy-whippy, which I began checking out regularly.

It is always exciting when the girls I illustrate comment to introduce themselves to me. Makes me really happy to I hear from the real person who inspired the picture. So if you recognize yourself on Stylish Goose, please, drop me a line!


  1. Hello ! I LOVE THIS !
    thank you for finally putting it out there.

    It's funny you should mention the watermark. I was thinking, I'll just throw something out there so when Genya has time she can do it proper !

    We still need to have our brunch ~ I have a bit of a news (photography show - maybe) - but mostly, sorry we keep cancelling on one another. let's make it happen.

    love love love this. Instant subscription =0)

  2. OMG! This is me!!!! I am so honoured! You have a beautiful blog here. Would you mind if I used the picture? I'd really like to post it on my blog if thats ok? Obviously I'll mention your blog and add you to my blogroll. You are super talented!

    Thanks so much!
    Sarah xxxx

  3. Sarah: This is so great! Thanks for dropping me a line! Go ahead and use the picture! Of course no objections :). And wishing you luck in the awards.

  4. Thankyou!! Check out my post!
    And congrats on such a beautiful blog! xxx

  5. Oh, I like this outfit! Thanks for posting it!

  6. Hi FC: The shoes are cute indeed! I love this style - a girly twist on a man's dress shoe. Thanks for your comment.

  7. you are really tallented !! :)
    good job :))


  8. This is a really gorgeous drawing, i saw it on Sarah's site and thought WOW!! I particulary love the all the little details you've captured, incredible xx


Thanks a lot for your comments!