Stylish Goose's Choise for Manchester's Most Stylish Woman

Moving on to Manchester where UK's Grazia magazine photographed several stylish girls in for the Style Hunter Awards. You can see their pictures here.

I illustrated the confident Danusha, whose style is a complete standout. She is wearing a neon blue dress and really wonderful geometric tights. The silhouette is very simple and relaxed, and the bright colours add total excitement to Danusha's look. Danusha got my vote for her confidence, uniqueness and individuality. And I really love her short bob!

Come back for more tomorrow - I'll be illustrating my choice for Nottingham!


  1. I really love this dress - simple, modern, sophisticated, different. Great work!

  2. Thanks for your comments!

    Anon: The dress is great and this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to illustrate this look. It is so cheerful and bright!

    FC: The mini briefcase is really neat looking. It is so different. :)

  3. manchester :)

    that bag is really cool, and the tights


  4. Sapphire! The tights are great and i think they are makes this outfit so vivid! They took me a while to draw though!


Thanks a lot for your comments!