Nomadette. She will go anywhere (in style)...

This illustration was especially done for an anonymous friend of mine, who is starting a new uncensored blog called Nomadette. Nomadette is a personal journal of a very opinionated and well traveled girl, who is not afraid to tell us exactly how it is. The blog will be up and running very soon, and I am looking forward to reading it.

Here, as always, Nomadette is traveling in style. She is wearing a beautiful brand new dress from the Emma Cook SS 2010 collection (check out look 22). She layers it with a shaggy woolen gray Miu Miu cardigan with a fringe all over. To keep her warm in the coldest of places, Nomadette is wearing a gray wool and cashmere hat from Aubin & Wills. Layered jewelery is a must, and she is mixing local finds with her favourite red ribbon & pearls Lanvin necklace. Her limited edition Globe-Trotter suitcase is filled with travel basics (and just a few stylish indulgences). And of course Nomadette will never forget to grab her trusty Nikon camera, so she can share her adventures with us!


  1. This looks about right ;)

    Lovely work G, comme d'habitude.

  2. Great fun look! The Emma Cook dress is so whimsical and perfectly suited for a well travelled girl.
    And I want the pink racoon bodysuite from the SS10 collection ;)

  3. Nomadette: Glad you like.

    Anna: I really love Emma Cook's collection, and not just this one, but her past collections as well. Her clothes are completely wearable, but there is always something whimsical and unique and humorous about them. I love her fabric prints!!
    And the raccoon bodysuit is a must!

    Sarah: Thanks so much dear.

  4. the accessories are great!
    love globe-trotters. not loving my paycheck right now (you know, the one that doesnt allow me to buy the globe-trotter centennial collection).

  5. Genya, I loved your blog and your illustrations.. off course. Simply Beautifull

  6. I'm live!
    my twitter also carries the girl (@missnomadette) -
    the site
    and various situations as well .. Look out, here comes nomadette-mania!

    thanks again lov.


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