Rediscover Fashion - Irish Fashion with a Conscience

I received an email from Carrie Ann, who is the Fashion Director for Rediscover Fashion - a new non-profit, 100% recycled fashion initiative based in Ireland. Rediscover Fashion clothing line is sold on-line, at fashion shows and environmental events. A main street shop will also open shortly in Ballymun area of Dublin. I really love this earth friendly concept, where each item has a story behind it and is completely re-invented to have a new life. Keep up the good work Carrie Ann and team!!

I chose to illustrate this classic look, which reminded me of modern day Victorian style. The soft pink damask dress with an oversized flower has a wire embedded in the hem to give it extra volume. It is worn under a deep blue long coat with more pink flowers on sleeves and lapels. I asked Carrie Ann to tell me the story behind this pretty look:

"The pink dress pictured was made from curtains that were dumped for rubbish, they were ripped and completely unusable, i rescued them and redesigned them into a dress, Garden wire was used for the hem detail, even the zip was recycled it was taken from a donated garment and any cut offs were turned into the removable flowered broach that's on the front!!!

The Navy coat was donated to us, it was completely unwearable and was on its way to a landfill. It started its life as a completely different coat, The coat was completely deconstructed and seams ripped and panels taken apart, it was then re designed, the lining for the coat was made from a dress, when the coat was finished Pink linen handmade motifs were made from a panel from a linen skirt."

Continuing with the Victorian feel, I decided to pair this green look with the Donella shoe by Beatrix Ong. The grey mock-croc leather shoes have that covered, sensual appeal of the Victorian style. Love them!


  1. Nicely done! Makes me wish I lived in Ireland.

  2. pink: for some reason i am not at all surprised that you love the pink dress! haha thanks for your comment!

    Ada: i think a trip to ireland is in order. :D

  3. genya - I believe you need a photographer to "Assist" you. I recommend me.

    ❤ the hair!

  4. nelly: Thanks for the offer and i will take you up on it if why photographer is not available. :) haha
    My sister Anna was helping me with photography at fashion shows, and it works out well... I did Eugenia Designs that way.

    For this one, Carrie Ann sent me a photo shoot, which unfortunately is not available online yet. I do not post photos on my blog, only illustrations, so i'll wait for her to post it to have a good link. :)

  5. Thank you very much!
    I love your work is wonderful!

    I'm honored that you have commented on my blog.



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