Pretty Petals from Eugenia Designs

Yesterday I posted the illustration I did from Ottawa's Fashion Cures a la Mode - a fundraiser for ovarian cancer that featured fashion shows from local Canadian designers. Here are some more of my favorite looks from Eugenia Leavitt's collection.

The first look is a white shirt with fabric petals around the collar, paired with a silky black skirt (which I love!). The second look is a bright red dress with corset-like top covered in petals. A cure little cocktail dress that looks like a beautiful flower!


  1. I love the blouse and skirt- definitely something i'd wear! Cool hair too!!!xxx

  2. Wow, i just discovered on your blog, and i love your illustrations and concept! :)

  3. Sarah: Nice! I am sure the designer will be happy to hear she has fans all the way in the UK :).

    Annching: Welcome to my blog! It is great that you like it and that you took the time to tell me about it...

  4. I love it- checked out the designers blog- theres some great stuff!
    And as for your comment- I have a long list of online editorial sources! and a lot of old magazines!

  5. All your illustrations are amazing.
    I'm glad I came across your blog!
    I'm definitely following!
    Olivia ♥

  6. Olivia: Thanks for following!! I am so happy that you liked my illustrations and thanks for your comments.

  7. Really good illustrations, Genya! They're so well done!


Thanks a lot for your comments!