Eugenia Designs at Ottawa's Fashion Cures

Last week we finally had some fashion excitement here in Ottawa! A four day fashion fundraiser was held to promote local Canadian designers and collect money for ovarian cancer - it was called Fashion Cures a la Mode.

Unfortunately I was sick for the first two days, but was lucky to make it to the rest of the event as I got to see the Eugenia Designs show! The talented Eugenia Leavitt is the designer behind this Montreal based brand. I have been admiring Eugenia's collections for the past few seasons, and was really excited to see her fall 2009 collection up close.

Eugenia's aesthetics are simple and modern silhouettes, vivid colours combined with soft neutrals, and little pretty details that make the look unique - in the past it was rosettes, then pleats - and now it is fabric petals. How cute!

Bellow are just two of the looks, but more will come later. The first look is a black strapless jumpsuit, worn with a white silk shoulder-band that has petal detail on the upper back. The second look is a draped black camisole, with a silk pencil skirt that has pockets and petal detail on the front.

Those two looks (and the entire collection) are classic, but also lighthearted and playful. Combined with the show's hair & makeup, it reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffany's. So in my illustration, I paired those elegant looks with piles and piles of Tiffany signature double-strand bracelets.


  1. This collection was one of my favorites from the week as well! Can't wait to see the rest of your picks

  2. Thanks Anna! You are the best! And thanks for taking pictures for me so I can use them for reference when I illustrate.

  3. Great illustrations of an amazing collection! Glad to hear you're feeling better Genya.


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