Stylish Goose's Choise for London's Most Stylish Woman

Hello My Dears! I missed you all! This poor illustration was sitting around, two thirds finished, for 4 days... But more on that later.

Let me introduce my choice for London in the Grazia Style Hunter Awards. This is the adorable Neha. I love her take on the tuxedo dressing so much. It is dark, quirky, sweet and nerdy all at the same time. The well fitted jacket and cropped pants are great versatile items, and Neha personalizes them with cute prep-school booties and over-sized geek glasses. Neha is wearing her look with so much ease, comfort and confidence, that there is no hint of "playing dress-up" involved. For that, Neha got my vote!

Stylish Goose had its vote, and I hope you did too. Had such a great time illustrating the lovely UK and Ireland ladies. Now looking forward to the official results on November 17th.

Now begin the excuses ;)... So I was bedridden for the past 3 days with very high fever and the worst case of sore throat I've had yet. No, not the swine flu! But for a while I almost believed that I had it. When I went to the doctor's I overheard the nurse saying: "A serious flu case, possibly h1n1". But all is well, and it was cleverly diagnosed by my doctor as strep throat (with his convenient little strep diagnosis kit)! Yay for doctors. Getting better now.




  1. So cute! I love everything... from the glasses, the white tuxedo shirt, to the awesome shoes

  2. Thanks Anna - yeah she is one cute girl. :)


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