Behind the Scenes - Illustrating Wunderkind

Hi Guys,

I decided to post another Behind the Scenes for you! Do you remember the Wunderkind illustration? This one I actually sketched on paper and scanned at 600 dpi. Then I worked in Corel Painter 11 to redraw and colour the whole thing. Painter 11 is a neat program. It lets me simulate different real-life media types like markers, oils, pastels, chalk, watercolour, and the list goes on and on. I do not know how to use all of them yet, but I have perfected some of my favorites. I tend to use gouache, colored pencils, digital watercolour and markers for most of my illustrations - including this one. But I also like to experiment - this is the best thing about Painter 11 for me.


  1. wow this is incredible...using photoshop for more than 30 minutes make me crazy! you have some talent! i love your illustrations.

  2. goldfacedbetty: Everything comes with practice ;). Thanks so much!

  3. Looks like so much fun! You really have the talent Genya...great job!


Thanks a lot for your comments!