Cozy Cape - New York Streetstyle from Turned Out

Mouseover image to see style details.

This is Nicola. She was captured in New York by the street style photographer Maya, whose blog Turned Out became another one of my regular reads. Nicola's look got my attention because of the strong attitude and personality that she exhumes - a real thoughtful self confidence. She is natural, beautiful and interesting, and her comfortable but bold style looks like an extension of her. I love the ethnic patterned cape and the bright leather gloves!


  1. Neat textures and the volume is amazing.. I love it when you draw street style, there is always so much character!

  2. i agree with Anna, street styles are awesome to see and quite inspirting.

    Genya, nothing happens when i mouse over (i'm on ffox).

  3. Anna: Yeah, fashion show models are always generic, but real people are so individual. It is a bit harder to draw, but it is fun and different.

    Nelly: Thanks! And I think I fixed it... ?

    paperfashion: 'Love it' is an amazing compliment from someone as talanted as you.


Thanks a lot for your comments!