Christopher Kane's Lolita - SS 2010

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Following the Stylish Inspiration collage from Coy Concepts, here is the illustration I promised. It is of this look from Christopher Kane's SS 2010 collection. The collection was partially inspired by the movie Lolita (the Jeremy Irons version). I think the use of the clashing gingham check is very innovative - the looks have a modern, seductive edge. It is a beautiful, well thought of collection, as I got to expect from Kane.

Btw - his FW 2010 collection is equally innovative - delicate flower embroidery on black leather?! Nice! Sketches are already in place - illustrations coming soon. :)

And also, did you notice that Miss Goose made her appearance today, as many of you requested?


  1. i like the understated air of class coming from an outfit like this. well done with the overall "feel" of the look. j'adore ;)

  2. You made such a seemingly simple outfit come to life, it's beautiful! And I like the goose :)

  3. Nelly, Anna: Thank you girls! I agree with you that this look is really simple, but it has some interesting design elements that I tried to showcase with my illustration - I am happy I succeeded. I love the really deep symmetric slits on the skirt, and the armpit cutouts on the sweater. I also love that Kane used two colours of checks together - something that I would not have thought to put together, but it works.

    And I am glad you like the goose!! My Stylish Goose! :)




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