Love and more Love - Erdem FW 2010, Illustrated

Erdem FW 2010Erdem FW 2010

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Erdem can do no wrong with me and I already professed my love for him and his SS 2010 collection. Today I was waiting with anticipation for the Erdem FW 2010 collection photos to go online; I kept checking, and refreshing, and waiting and checking again. Finally they were up and I was in the clouds. The deep browns combined with his signature watercolors are beautiful. Love the laces. Love the quilted leather. Love that cape. I only hope that I did justice to his work with my illustration :).


  1. ♥♥♥ it.

    the mini's not my best friend, but i appreciate the strong patterns exhibited here.

    bonus, < this headband girl loves seeing more and more headbands with fuzzy hair. woohooo!

  2. I really like your loose flowing lines, They add a nice touch.

  3. Everytime I visit your site I am always greatly impressed by your imaginative sketches. Looking forward to more great pictures!

  4. Love the colors on the bottom of the second dress!

  5. you are one of the best illustrators I've seen.

  6. Nelly: ahhh mini's! Not my best friend either, but fun to look at and to draw. :) And the headbands are adorable - rally maintenance free looking hairstyles.

    Corey Lee: Thanks! The loose lines is something that kinda evolved over the period of me illustrating this blog. If you look at my early posts, the lines are rarely there. Now I find that I use them all the time - they became my signature. I use lots of lines when I sketch, and i found that it is easier and funner to incorporate them into the final look, then to edit and remove them altogether. Now i love exaggerating them!

    Scott, Lilia, Erica, Anon: Thank you so so so much for your support. You are so great! :)




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