Edgy Flowers - Christopher Kane FW 2010

Christopher Kane FW 2010Christopher Kane FW 2010Christopher Kane FW 2010
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Another favorite collection from Christopher Kane, who is always surprising. This time, he created a series of tough, masculine, all-black and leather looks embroidered with delicate and colorful flower arrangements. This total contrast is so edgy and unexpected, and very beautiful. See the entire collection here.

By the way, this illustration took me a long long time to illustrate. Not sure why. Maybe because there are just too many girls squeezed onto that page? Or the detailed embroidery? But I hope you like...


  1. Hi dear! It´s very nice of you to think of me. I would like to read it. Would you send it to me? This is my email: carmen.martins@yahoo.com.br or you can give me the link as well.



  2. Very nice Genya, your hard work paid off. The embroidery detail is beautiful

  3. oh wow. I can honestly say the illustration works much better for me than the original design! While I enjoy Kane on most occasion, I found his version less accommodating of curvature, and when using embroidery, respect of curves is a must.
    Love love love how the illustration gave way to demonstrate the absolute beauty of colourful work on black.

    superb genya!

  4. Love the first one!!! Great job...you're such a talented artist...

  5. I love love love the first design!

  6. Carmen: I passed you the WWD article about Brazil fashion. Hope you enjoy it.

    Coy Concepts: I think so too! Illustrating the embroidery took some time, but nothing like the artisans who did it in real life! I saw an interview with Kane were he mentioned that it was all hand made...

    Nelly: Thanks Nelly. I do tend to draw more girly models with hips... that is true. I think Kane was going for the androgyny feel to his runway, but I took liberty to adapt it to the Stylish Goose girl. :)

    Erica, ShopHaven: I think the first one is the popular one! My mom loves it the best too. :) Thanks for your comments girls!



  7. PS. I found this post from Style Bubble that shows the details of those garments! Simply amazing when you look up close.

  8. Wow! The first thing I noticed in your illustration of Kane's f/w 2010 collection is the embroidery you drew. It's very life-like and the attention to detail is stunning.


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