Urban Nature - Balenciaga SS 2010

Balenciaga SS 2010

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Here is a special one! The amazing and innovative Balenciaga SS 2010 collection. This is the look that I illustrated. I love the hemp vest and the bright pistachio leather pants.

I was inspired to create this background because of a new book I got last week - 'Digital Textile Design' by Melanie Bowles. The book talks about the process of creating digital textiles in Photoshop and Illustrator, and demonstrates an enormous number of design examples from both new and established fashion designers. A really good read for anyone interested in fashion or graphic design. This book inspired me to pay more attention to my own backgrounds, and I plan to create and post them from time to time. I am hoping that someday I will even design my own digital textile block :)!

I plan to do a 'Behind the Scenes' post next week on how I did this background - it was really fun and easier then it seems.

How do you all like it?


  1. oh genya! Lovely lovely work. I enjoy the background immensely. Tofli = look hot.

  2. I looks amazing Genya, excellent work. The colours are fantastic and I love the effect that the globes create, so spaceagie.

  3. Nelly: The shoes are indeed HOT! I have the Vogue Collections magazine, which has a great accessories section. This is were I got the side view of the shoes. Accessories can get overlooked at the fashion show photos so it is good to have another reference.

    Coy Concepts: Thanks! The background does look so spacey, but not harsh... I tried to use soft colours. It is hard to decide on the background colours for me though - so many possibilities!!! I think for next background, i will first create a mood board with my colour scheme.



  4. Beautiful beautiful Genya!

  5. Love the added background in your illustration for this post - it must have been a very labour intensive process. The ghostly goose is a great addition to the overall effect!

  6. This is stunning! I love the colours- so gorgeous! xxx

  7. Really nice colors...Spring is here!


Thanks a lot for your comments!