Dark and Vulnerable - Nina Ricci SS 2010

Nina Ricci SS 2010Nina Ricci SS 2010 Cute Bag and Rings

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This is one of the looks from the Nina Ricci SS 2010 collection, which follows the inspiration collage post prepared by my sister Anna. I find it so soft and fragile with sheer fabrics and misty hair, but also dark and intriguing. I am a big fan of cardigans, and love the light soothing colour of this one. Make sure to look at the details - the purse is beautiful, and the delicate flower rings are just wow!!


  1. ohhh genya genya genya.

    you make me want summer to come THAT much faster.
    hair too...

  2. Looks wonderful Genya! Absolutely beautiful

  3. Love this! Been looking for a way to wear a shear top without revealing too much! Perfect. xxx

  4. Nomadette: it is coming it is coming! I can feel the spring in the air already :)

    Anna: Thanks again for your help with this one.

    Sarah: yeah, sheer is in style this season. If you ever wear it, post it on your blog. I wanna see your take on it.


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