Stylish Inspiration - Coy Concepts Collage

Liz Watier Couleur Folle Eye MakeupJola Dziubinska Photography - Black RoseNina Ricci SS 2010Tim Walker Photography - Lily and Spiral StaircaseTim Walker Photography - Alice Gibb and Olga ShererChristine Lindstrom original painting - Roses
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To set you in a mood for my next illustration, I asked my sister Anna to create a little graphic inspiration board. Anna recently launched her design and photography blog Coy Concepts, which I adore!

Anna and I are very close; we share a similar aesthetic and views on fashion and style, although we do have our differences. Anna already assists me with Stylish Goose behind the scenes by consulting on styling for my illustrations, advising on blog design, and taking photographs during fashion shows that we attended, which I later use as the basis for my illustrations.

Being the talented graphic designer that she is, I thought it will be perfect to have her as a regular contributor to Stylish Goose. Here, she incorporated the inspiration behind my next illustration (guess what it is??) along with her favorite artists and photographers. Click on the collage parts to go to the original artist posts.

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  1. Checked out www.coyconcepts.com and loved its design! It is simple, elegant, yet beautifully put together and the photographs are just irresistible...great work Anna!


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