Ruffles All Over - Claes Iversen FW 2010

2adorn Ellinor Pill-box HatClaes Iversen FW 2010
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Here is another beauty from Amsterdam fashion week, which happened at the end of January. The illustration is from the Claes Iversen FW 2010 collection. This look is a nude ruffled dress paired with a cute textured jacket. Just look how adorable it looks from the back! The Claes Iversen show must be my favorite collection of the whole Amsterdam fashion week. It is so elegant, but has many unexpected little details that made me do a double take. I love his use of sheer organza throughout the collection, especially when he combines it with the heavier tweed in the same clothing item.

Moving upwards now. My girl has this bleached pale purple hair, which is a trend that I credit to Tavi's recent hair obsession. And this hat is a great little find from 2adorn, hand-made by Australian designer Kim Nguyen. It comes in a pink version too!


  1. Lovely drawing!

    Tavi was actually a bit late jumping on the ombre hair bandwagon

  2. loooooooooooove the curves used in the hair and body silhouette.
    beautifully done Genya.
    You're also a bad influence, i'm considering colouring my hair purple. how fun would that be !

  3. J'adore j'adore j'adore! The hair and little and little hat are so wonderful

  4. Danielle: Thanks for the link! It started a discussion on twitter about the proper name for this style... We came up with rainbow hair or skunk hair.

    Nelly: Thanks! yeah, i am very happy with the way the hair turned out! Purple for hair will not be such a bad idea, especially since you tried every other colour anyways ;).

    Anna: The little hat is my fav! Everyone should click on the link and see it in real life. Thanks!!!


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