Knitted Sensations - Mark Fast FW 2010

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Here is an illustration of this design from Mark Fast FW 2010 collection shown in London last month. Mark Fast is a proudly Canadian designer who creates intricate, close-fitting, knitted dresses. His runway shows create quite the sensation, not only because of his skillfully executed designs, but also because of his use of voluptuous models on the runway. Mark wants to emphasize that women of all sizes can look sexy and confident in his designs.

Now, I love Mark's fantastic, detail oriented looks and I completely support larger sized models in his shows. Totally great!!! My only wish is that Mark would make the sample sizes bigger to fit those curvaceous models properly - just a tad larger size would have made certain looks seem so much more flattering.

What do you think? Do big girls in tight clothes look sensual or vulgar?


  1. i think its a half-hearted attempt at reaching out to the majority of apparel buyers who happen to be size 8 and over. However, tight fighting to that end is very unflattering and defeats the purpose of de-stigmatizing curvy women. For the same reason really baggy clothes are hardly flattering on very skinny women.

    I think proper tailoring should have been made to get the proper point across.

    however, j'adore your take on mini dress for voluptuous lady. You Win my dear !

  2. there's nothing wrong with voluptuous women!

  3. I absolutely love the idea of using real sized women in fashion shows :) But I agree with you Genya that the sample sizes need to be increased for them; to showcase the models' bodies and clothing at their best.

    Crystal Renn (the model used in Mark Fast's show) has a knock out body! She did this stunning photoshoot for Elle http://www.fashionising.com/pictures/p--Crystal-Renn-Elle-January-2010-4412-68353.html

    AND of course I love your illustration, I love her curves!

  4. Nelly: I think Mark Fast shows some serious commitment to making a change in the way women are portrayed on the runway by getting larger sized women to star not only in one show, but in two shows in a row. And I am sure he will do so for his next shows as well. I admire that. I think he is sincere in his intentions and it goes beyond a gimmick because he is consistent. But I do agree with you that properly fitted clothes would have made a bigger and better impact ;). I have high hopes for the next Mark Fast show because I think he will iron out the glitches - it is a bit of a learning curve for the Fashion industry.

    Anon: You have it right my friend! :)

    Coy Concepts: She is a completely beautiful women - thanks for the Elle shoot link. Love it! I have seen her in another magazine shoot recently too. She looks so feminine and natural. Designers should use her and women like her more often.

    Thanks to all for your opinions and I am so glad you love the illustration!




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