Roses in Paris - Streetstyle from Mr. Newton's Photography

Mouseover image parts to see style details.

I love the light spring colours and roses everywhere in this photograph taken by Mr. Newton during Paris fashion week. The oh-so-short bubble dress feels so airy and this beautiful girl radiates sunshine. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of Paris, Mr. Newton.

And BIG congrats to Nelly!! for responding to my twitter request to guess which Mr. Newton photograph I will illustrate. And she guessed right! Nelly does not only have an eye for photography, but her fashion instincts are in tune with mine :). Good work Nelly.


  1. Wow - this is really good! You're very talented.


  2. you never stop to amaze me, it's beautiful Sis!

  3. Wow! Your illustrations are amazing! You are really talented!!


  4. ohh haha! * i win i win i win* !

    love this so much Genya. Such soft colours and lines. beautiful and feminine. just the right hting to put us in Spring mode !

    superb work <3

  5. I love i love i love roses! Since 2 days, we have sunny days in Paris. I hope that it will continue because i would like to see the famous roses whom Genya speaks about. Rhooo i didn't arrive to build my sentences in english.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous...My FAV so far!!! Great job Genya!

  7. This is so sweet and pretty, her expression is just perfect

    check out my work :)


  8. Mr. Newton: Thanks so much for the inspiration! Love reading your blog and seeing the recent style photography from you.

    Anna, Erica: Thanks you girls!!

    Mia: Thanks for the visit! You are a talanted photographer - i will keep an eye on you :).

    Nelly: That's right! You guessed it. haha Glad you like it.

    Amylee: Roses are beautiful everywhere, but there is something special about roses in Paris at springtime. My romantic ideas :).

    Rachel Lynne: Thanks for your nice comment. I checked out your bright and colourful illustrations - they are so cheerful. Please keep up posting :).




Thanks a lot for your comments!