Angela Scanlon - the Stylish Stylist

Angela is a beautiful edgy redhead, who is a successful stylist and fashion journalist from Dublin. I have already illustrated Angela before as part of my choice for Grazia Style Hunter Awards, where I fell in love with her modern and easy sense of style.

This is another illustration of Angela, drawn from a reference picture she sent me. I like the contrast between the biker leather jacket and the pink ballerina skirt. Here is a photo from the same shoot. Isn't she just rocking?


  1. Love this! She's so beautiful too.

  2. beautiful and the bottom is awesome ~

  3. Seriously loving your blog. Just did a post about the Scottish girls you illustrated from the Grazia competition. xxx


  4. This is a beautiful illustration. I visited Angela's blog and you did a wonderful rendition.

    I am a fashion blogger and aspiring fashion illustrator. Right now, I do children's illustrations but am looking to branch out into fashion. Your stuff is very inspiring. I love your use of color, line, and form, with a touch of the whimsical. Brilliantly executed.

    Please visit my blogs and tell me what you think.


    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Olivia, nelly and Style Bird: Thanks so much for your nice comments. :)

    Coveted: I am really flattered that you featured me in your mag! I love the idea of a Scottish Style magazine.

    Cheryl Lynn: Thank so much for your thoughtful and sweet comment. I am so glad to meet a fellow illustrator on blogsphere. I will definitely check out your blogs.

  6. Adore her style and she's awesome looking.

  7. Anon: Thanks you! Yes she is. i admire her, not only because of her style, but also because she turned her sense of style into a career and become a very talented stylist and fashion writer. :)


Thanks a lot for your comments!