Montreal Fashion Week - Denis Gagnon FW 2010

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I have previously illustrated the Montreal based designer Denis Gagnon, and this is yet another one from his FW 2010 collection. I find his designs really fascinating - they are modern, cool and always include interesting details with innovative use of materials. Last season, Denis Gagnon turned clusters of zippers into decorative embellishments. This season it was his use of abundance of fringe carefully shaped into amazingly fierce shapes. Denis Gagnon also continued to utilize zippers throughout the collection, and I especially love the obvious and long back zippers that adorned many dresses. Pictures alone do not do justice to those designs, so check out this video.

Canada has so much talent! In addition to Denis Gagnon, I have illustrated Lucian Matis, Erdem, Mark Fast and Eugenia Leavitt before, but I want more! Do you have any Canadian designer suggestions for me?


All Relaxed - Betty Jackson FW 2010

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All Relaxed! This is exactly how I feel after my week off. I got away to a cottage, were I did absolutely nothing. I love doing nothing, and can be pretty good at it :). One thing that I did manage to do was draw this pretty look from the Betty Jackson FW 2010 collection. The description of this look on the Betty Jackson site is so decadent: "islamic pattern hand knit cardigan, dogtooth crumpled army shirt, morocaine harem jeans, flat sling backs". With such exotic descriptions, those beautiful clothes look even better!

It is good to be back! I missed you all!




The Rose Dress - Nina Ricci FW 2010

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Hi Everyone! I am taking a bit of a break from posting and twitter for just a week. I am going to a place in the woods, with a fireplace and a hot tub, but no internet access.

Please come back here and see me next Friday - March 26th. I will have a fresh illustration for you! :)

In the meantime, take a look at this rose covered dress! I love the Nina Ricci FW 2010 collection. Peter Copping's design is extremely feminine, but despite the multitude of flowers, it is intended for a determined woman. Despite it being a fall collection, I love all the roses - I find it to be quite versatile for all seasons.

Talk to you all next Friday! Have a great week.




Knitted Sensations - Mark Fast FW 2010

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Here is an illustration of this design from Mark Fast FW 2010 collection shown in London last month. Mark Fast is a proudly Canadian designer who creates intricate, close-fitting, knitted dresses. His runway shows create quite the sensation, not only because of his skillfully executed designs, but also because of his use of voluptuous models on the runway. Mark wants to emphasize that women of all sizes can look sexy and confident in his designs.

Now, I love Mark's fantastic, detail oriented looks and I completely support larger sized models in his shows. Totally great!!! My only wish is that Mark would make the sample sizes bigger to fit those curvaceous models properly - just a tad larger size would have made certain looks seem so much more flattering.

What do you think? Do big girls in tight clothes look sensual or vulgar?


Roses in Paris - Streetstyle from Mr. Newton's Photography

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I love the light spring colours and roses everywhere in this photograph taken by Mr. Newton during Paris fashion week. The oh-so-short bubble dress feels so airy and this beautiful girl radiates sunshine. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of Paris, Mr. Newton.

And BIG congrats to Nelly!! for responding to my twitter request to guess which Mr. Newton photograph I will illustrate. And she guessed right! Nelly does not only have an eye for photography, but her fashion instincts are in tune with mine :). Good work Nelly.


Spring Colour all Over - Tsumori Chisato SS 2010

Tsumori Chisato SS 2010

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This is another spring look from the Tsumori Chisato SS 2010 collection shown in Paris Fashion Week. Even though we just had the Winter fashion shows, I don't feel like illustrating more of those for now. Instead, I choose the multitude of colours, the flowing ruffles and the subtle playfulness of this collection by the wonderful Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato.

Enjoy the warm weather everyone! I know I will. :) Off to see my fav band tonight MUSE.

What are your plans for the spring days?




Spring Dots - Chris Benz SS 2010

Alice Hart Couture Purple Sinamay Fascinator
Chris Benz SS 2010

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First warm days here in Ottawa inspired me to draw something bright and summery. This cheerful and colourful look is from Chris Benz SS 2010 collection. The fun polka dots give a girly twist to spring's khaki.

The little elegant ribbon and feather fascinator is from Alice Hart Couture Millinery, available on Etsy.

Any favorite summer collections out there that you like? Please share - I need more inspiration! :)


A Girl Named Pernille - Streetstyle from Wayne Tippetts

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Those of you who read my blog regularly probably noticed my affection for Wayne Tippetts' photography on his blog Streetstyle Aesthetic. I drew several of his photographs already, and no doubt will draw more in the future. I am not exactly sure what it is, but something really touches me about certain people and how they are captured in Wayne's photography.

Wayne was busy in the past weeks covering the London Fashion Week, and this is where he run into the model Parnille Moeller. I love this photograph - the eccentric hat, the relaxed hair, the oversized scarf. It looks very British, and for some reason reminded me of Alice in Wonderland (which btw I am going to see this Saturday with @nellleo! yay!). Parnille has a bit of a Mad Hatter look going on - No?