Montreal Fashion Week - Denis Gagnon FW 2010

Mouseover image parts to see style details.

I have previously illustrated the Montreal based designer Denis Gagnon, and this is yet another one from his FW 2010 collection. I find his designs really fascinating - they are modern, cool and always include interesting details with innovative use of materials. Last season, Denis Gagnon turned clusters of zippers into decorative embellishments. This season it was his use of abundance of fringe carefully shaped into amazingly fierce shapes. Denis Gagnon also continued to utilize zippers throughout the collection, and I especially love the obvious and long back zippers that adorned many dresses. Pictures alone do not do justice to those designs, so check out this video.

Canada has so much talent! In addition to Denis Gagnon, I have illustrated Lucian Matis, Erdem, Mark Fast and Eugenia Leavitt before, but I want more! Do you have any Canadian designer suggestions for me?


  1. Obakki is a company out of Vancouver. Their stuff is minimal and clean, but very nice. www.obakki.com

    A classmate of mine does gorgeous gowns and flamenco dresses, which I think you would totally do justice to. http://marikoaramaki.com/

    Those are my suggestions :)

  2. Annching: Thanks for the links. I did not know about either, so I really appreciate that!

    I put obakki on my list ;)

    Mariko Aramaki's designs sound really good - too bad she does not have the collection online yet. i will keep an eye for that.



  3. ooh. Looooove the dress (both real product and illustration).

    i like your treatment of the hair.. well done :)


  4. Nelly: thanks! haha yeah - the hair turned out fun!


Thanks a lot for your comments!